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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Light It Up Blue

Hello everyone!

Long time no talk!

Lately I've been very busy with school and trying to stop being sick. Last week, I had surgery on my sinuses...fun stuff there. I'm not getting any pain on my sinuses other than bloody noses though! There's a good thing. I'm not doing so hot in school right now. A lot going on at the end of Freshman Year. Sorry if some of this doesn't make sense, I don't have my glasses on and I don't feel like getting them. Stupid terrible eyesight.

As some of you may know, this Friday is National Autism Awareness day!!

It is also called Light It Up Blue day. So, wear your blue for little Bugga Boo/Boo Boo Bear/ Billy or someone else who you may know with Autism.

Billy has been very into playing the Wii system lately. He LOVES the skateboarding game. He also found a new way to playing the running games on Wii fit! Instead of actually running in place, you sit on the couch and move the remote. He is too smart!

Also, This is a video of someone who is pretty awesome. This little boy's name is Christopher Duffley. He is adopted, blind and autistic yet, still can do all these amazing things. His sister goes to school with me and we sometimes will discuss things that our different between our siblings. Watch this little boy sing, he's amazing!

Anyways, I should probably finish this stupid science project that is going to fail me for the quarter....fun, fun stuff!!! I'll update again hopefully on Autism Day!

By the way, I have a new blog up that hasn't been started yet. I'll be starting to post to it this week. It's a music blog about everything music of course.  This is the link!


If you would like leave me a name of a song, artist or album and I'll talk about it! Leave comments under this post or on Facebook!

Until next time,


Thursday, March 3, 2011

When I Grow Up...

Because I don't really talk abotu my intrests or anything that much, I decided to start! I mean why not know alittle about the author? Where to start???? How about here:

When I grow up...

I want to be an Astronaut
I want to be a Teacher
I want to be a Vetinartian
I want to be a Cow
I want to be a Rockstar

These are some things that you hear people say when picking High School class courses for the upcoming year. As I type this I am choosing my classes for my Sophomore Year. I have no clue what classes to take! It doesn't help that things keep changing either. Going into high school I decided on 3 things that I promised myself:

                                 1.) I want to go into the Military
                                 2.) I want to be a Military Cardiac Surgeon
                                 3.) This will not change.

Turns out, I broke this promise once I realized I hate school....60 years of schooling for medical school....ehhhh? Not for me.

This year I've developed a HUGE love for music and the entertainment industry. I cannot get enough of it. I absolutely am in love with it. Then I realized, I am really good at writing and I love to write. So, what kind of jobs can you get out of this? When I did my research there were things like Rockstar or Music Producer. When I saw Music Producer I thought that would be very interesting. Then, I came to realize that where will I go in life with a degree like that? So as I scroll down the Google search website what do I decide:

I want to be a Media/Entertainment Journalist.

I then looked this up on wikipedia and came across this:

Music journalism is criticism and reportage about music.


Music and writing all in one. Why not?! That would be fun. Something I'm good at and enjoy doing. Thigns that make a good career style right?

Well, there's one question I have to this....what classes do I take in High School?!

For the past almost 48 hours, I have been looking online for what classes I can take from my schools offerings that will help me in the future when college comes. Have I came across any? NOPE! I can't believe there are not really any classes you can take that will helpy our chances of college and journalism majoring.
So, what classes am I thinking about?

Well, I have to have 22 credits to graduate High School. This year I got 7 credits. Next year, I want 8 credits. So, what classes do I have on my sourse selection list right now?

Full Year Courses (1 credit)
English II- Level 3
Spanish II- Level 2 (Easy A....I think all I've learned this year is Como te llamo and ahola. Everything else I forget!)
Foundations of Art- Level 3
Geometry- Level 3
Biology- Level 3
________________________ <---- I need a class here! I may take Library Science.

Semester Courses (1/2 credit)
Yoga- Level 2
World History Survey- Level 3
Modern European History- Level 3
_____________________________  <------- I need a class right here! What do I take though?!

Some choices I have for my semester courses are Marketing I Lvl 3, Acounting I Lvl 3, Business Law Lvl 2, Career Exploration Lvl 3.

Do I have any clue what to take for semester courses? NO! Will any of these help me in the future? I HAVE NO CLUE!

So, I want you to answer this question for me:
What class should I take as a semester course. Please vote in the poll on the right. These are the classes and descriptions:

                      This course explores marketing practices and
principles for both retail and business-to-business
companies and the consumer buying behavior
that drives them. Students receive an overview
of the importance of marketing to the business
world by analyzing domestic marketing concepts
and international marketing concepts. Students
will apply these concepts to current trends in
the real world through course work, projects,
and by operating their own school store. This
course also introduces students to marketing
careers and sets the stage for further study of
marketing in higher education.

                   Business Law
The focus of this Business Law semester course
will be an overview of contract law. Students
regularly take part in a variety of contracts. This
Business Law class addresses a brief introduction
to the law in general and then with this
foundation, students are ready to consider the
contract. Contract law establishes the ground
rules that ordinary individuals can use to define
their private rights and duties, as well as the
rights and obligations of businesses and other
individuals. Knowledge of business law is useful
for all students, because all students eventually
assume roles as citizens, workers, and consumers
in their communities and in society at large.

                Careers Exploration
   Career Explorations is designed to prepare students

So, what classes should I take to become a Journalist?

Now with college I'm looking at New York University, Northeastern, UMass and UNH. I'd like to go to NYU or Northeastern.

Anyone think these classes would help at all? I can't take extra English classes until next year so, that's out of the loop.

So, I leave you at these questions...

1.) What should I be when I grow up?

2.) What classes should I take next year?

3.) What colleges should I go to?

AND I also wanted to let you know we are almost to 2,000 "People Who Care" and if you type in LivingWithBilly-Brianna on Google or LivingWithBilly Autism, this blog comes up. Got me very excited earlier.

Until next time,



Friday, February 25, 2011

Welcome To My Silly Life

I've decided to change this post. I've had a rough month and decided I would talk about something else today. I'm sorry if you were looking forward to a book review.

"Took a wrong turn
 Once or Twice
 Dug a way out
 Blood and fire
 Bad decisions
 That's alright
 Welcome to my silly life."
P!nk- "Perfect"
No matter what, I somehow think I can relate to this song. Not in the ways of the music video where there is a depressed girl who can't fit in no matter what and hurts herself from trying to hard, I can relate to it because in every line, I can make my life a part of it. The one line that I think relates to me the most you ask?Why it's right in the title. "Welcome To My Silly Life."

Welcome to MY Silly Life

Have you ever thought that you had the most stressful day ever and all you want to do is scream into a pillow and cry? Have you ever thought of giving up on everything that has been getting you stressed? I have many, many times.

The following is just something funny to think about and may not compare to the paragraph under it because it makes sense to me. It's my reality and somehow I think of it like this.

I think of my life as an intense action movie. Now, clear mind. I have something I want you to think about. Picture yourself doing this: You walk into a movie theater. In hand you have a popcorn, candy and let's say a soda. Walking into the theater you realize no one is in there and you are there by yourself. Joyfully, you run up the stairs while bits of your popcorn gets thrown out of the bucket. Suddenly, The room goes dark. The movie is about to start. In your mind you have set that you are going to watch your movie and laugh and scream and cry as much as you want because no one is in there with you. The movies now starts. There are explosions and people screaming. You laugh because the effects are so stupid. "Hey! You, stupid monster come get me! I'm right here!" Suddenly, the movie stops and you sit down like nothing happened. The 'monster' stares at you and grabs you. Thinking this is a dream or nightmare you scream. Now, you're getting sucked into the movie and don't know what will happen next. Running from corner or corner of the movie screen you're trying to figure out how to leave. Truth is though, you're stuck and you have to figure out you're own way of getting out. Suddenly, the movie screen goes blank. There are three doors there all numbered 1 through 3. Now, you try to choose door 1. You walk through it not knowing what to expect. Then you see a white light and BOOM! You're back in your movie theater seat like nothing ever happened. Now, you are running out of the theater like a manic afraid of what may happen to you next.

Here's MY Silly Life

It's February school vacation and I am ecstatic to do anything stress free. Unfortunately, I'm sick with a non-stop low grade fever and a bad ear infection. My ear infection gets so bad that I cannot get a full night sleep until Monday. I e-mail my teachers after school on Friday asking if I can stay after for extra help in classes the week we go back because I haven't been doing so good in school  due to stress from school, family and life in general. It's now Monday, we are planning a vacation from Tuesday to Wednesday. My brother and sister go to my Grandma's on Sunday night so my parents and I can have a break. They came home that day and you're starting to feel a little better but, of course still not great. Now, they're home. Today it's Tuesday, my dad works as a cop. Monday night, he gets hurt at work. My dad goes to the hospital for a back injury. The next morning I get woken up by my mom saying that the vacation we were supposed to leave on today will not be happening. I now get stuck babysitting my seven year old annoying sister and five year old autistic brother. While my mom is gone visiting my dad at the hospital once again. This is the one time of many he's been in the hospital for being sick or hurt. I am now half asleep and my sister is getting on my nerves. She's bored and just annoying me half to death while my brother is crawling all over me and pinching and screaming and having a temper tantrum. Having no clue what to do I scream "Get away!" and they move away from me. I look at them and make them something to eat to try to calm them down. This entertains them for maybe an hour so that I can read or just do something. I text my mom making sure everything is okay and he will probably be coming home that night. I walk into the living room and see my brother and sister fighting and my brother acting insane. I tell them to stop and of course, they don't. This results in me yelling again. Finally, they calm down again. Then and hour later, they start fighting again and I scream then, my sister starts fighting with me and acts annoying, my brother starts being insane and climbing on me and pulling hair. I'm so stressed that I have to have my Uncle watch my brother and sister. Did I mention that my brother is also sick? This happens until probably 6 or 7 that night. At this time, my dad comes home in a walker after being at the hospital all day with my mom. Let's skip Thursday. My Dad goes to the doctors and I have to babysit til 3:15. I wake up so I can take care of them. For the whole week I've had a low-grade fever and still don't feel good.  I babysit while I wait for my dad and grandparents to get home. Suddenly, my brother gets so out of control that I just can't take care of him. It's only 12. I call my Uncle so that he can help me out. I wait until 2:15 so he can get here and I'm a wreck from the stress I've been under. I wait downstairs for everyone to come over. My brother is still sick and he's getting on my nerves along with my sister who won't shut up. I go downstairs and just cry and cry because I've gone through too much to deal with and I can't keep it in much longer. I stay this way for awhile until I finally call my mom. She comes home in an hour I take my mind off of things by texting or watching TV. This makes things worse and I hold everything in again. My mom comes home and I go with her to the store. I cry in the car while she's talking to me because I just cannot concentrate with all the stress around me. Finally, I go inside the store and then we get whatever we needed which, I don't even remember because I was so exhausted and so stressed with everything on my mind. We go home and I finally go upstairs. My dad of course, goes back to the hospital. This was only last night. I barely remember this because of how much stress I was under. Today, I go to the doctors and because of this weird thing that's been happening to my eye, I find out I need to get a CAT Scan tomorrow. I had a great vacation didn't I?

The sad part about this though?
It seems so normal.

What did this have to do with the movie theater story?

Everyday now is unexpected to me. There isn't one day I go knowing what is exactly going to happen in those 24 hours of the day. With the movie theater, you didn't know what was going to happen when you took the wrong turn or when you got sucked into the movie. Everything that happened inside the movie theater was completely unexpected.

People tell me I have nothing to stress about and that I am too young to be stressed.

Ha! That's hilarious. I disagree with this completely. I'm a stressed person and it's just something that people will have to deal with including me. I worry about my brother 24/7 and this keeps me stressed enough. Things may change but, at least I'm caring about him instead of just brushing him off to the side like I'm embarrassed from him or anything right?

Figure out something to help you become less stressed.
When this day happens I'll let you know.

Until Next Time Where I Will Hopefully Be Less Stressed,

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Louder Than Words

So, who's watching the Grammy's right now? I know I am! May I just say that Bruno Mars and Muse so far have been the best in the show. Let's see if anyone can show them up!

Anyways, I've decided these next posts will be based off of a book. This book is called "Louder Than Words" and it is written by Jenny McCarthy. As many of you know, I hate her. But, this book is very, interesting to read. I remember when Billy was first diagnosed with Autism I tried reading it. I couldn't make it past the fifth chapter without crying. So, now I am going to start reviewing the book. Starting with chapter one tonight and chapter two tomorrow night. Next week I am on February Vacation and hopefully I'll be able to update a lot! I've been trying to update but, school has been getting the best of me! Good news though! I'm NOT failing English. Sorry I just got off topic again...let me know if I do that! Don't let me ramble on about myself! It isn't good!!!!

So, as I was saying, every night I will review this book. It will be reviewed in the following order of every chapter:

• How much I can't stand Jenny McCarty. This probably won't be happening until I get farther into the book.
• Things I disagree with on how things are handled
•My input on how the chapter was written and a short summary on the chapter

So, here we go!

Chapter 1/Introduction/Foreword
"When your child is diagnosed with cancer, neighbors stop by your home bringing precooked meals, hugs and support. When your child is diagnosed with autism, families who see you in the supermarket slip away down another aisle."- Jenny McCarthy Page ix a.k.a Foreword

Sadly, this is true. I have seen this happen and it is upsetting. No matter what people look like on the outside or in, no matter how they act, they should still be accepted this way. With a physical, mental, medical, or choice disorder you shouldn't have to be judges this way where people look at you funny. It's upsetting.

This book was published in 2007. In that time, the autism diagnosis was 1 in 150 children. Today, in Massachusetts, the highest Autism rate, it is every 1 in 91 children are diagnoses with Autism. This is only 3 years later. In the book it states "When I was in medical school, this disorder affected on in ten thousand children." (Jenny McCarthy, Page ix a.k.a Foreword.) That's amazing.

With Autism, there is no cure well, as of right now. You can get treatments to make it somewhat, less severe though. This includes speech and occupational therapy. Children with Autism are different from other children because they don't make eye contact, they don't smile on cue, they don't go up to you and say "Blana I need you to come over here right now and help me." Instead, someone like Billy says, "Blana Help!" And if I don't help him, he screams.

There is a paragraph in this "Foreword" that is titled WHAT CAUSES AUTISM AND WHY IS IT INCREASING?

These are some things my mom and I came up with or things that I did on my own. Some things are just from news or things I've learned from my child development class at school.

1. The vaccinations infants get when they are born. I think that something in one of the vaccinations could be something that an infant is allergic to, and the allergic reaction could somehow affect their brain, the vaccination could've been injected wrong or the vaccination just reacted wrong with the infant.

2. Billy was born with a defect. I think...breathing. This could somehow affected him and put him at a higher risk for Autism.

3. The types of formula or bottles infants use. I think this could also maybe have something to do with an allergic reaction, why not? It just isn't taken as the normal allergic reaction.

4.The environment the child lives/grew up in.

IntroductionJenny McCarthy talks about what it felt like to see her fourth boy, Evan at the age of two at the time, slipped into this world, the world of Autism. She explains that this started happening after he received his first MMR vaccine. She says how Autism is considered a genetic or mental disorder. Jenny's son's doctors, Jerry J. Kartzinel states that "Autism steals the soul of the child." on page  xvi a.k.a the Introduction. I disagree with this GREATLY. If Autism is meant to happen it is for a reason. Although a cure would be fantastic and I would find it amazing, if Billy was never diagnosed with this, I wouldn't be writing this to you, the readers, right now.

Chapter 1
Waking up one morning to an uncomfortable feeling, Jenny McCarthy at the time with no Autism diagnosis on Evan, knew something bad was going to happen. She felt like her soul had the flu but, knew it didn't. As she drinks her morning coffee, she realizes that Evan, her son, is sleeping later than usual and goes upstairs to check on him. This was when her whole world changed. Her son was struggling to breathe. After 14 minutes the EMT's finally arrived and it is discovered that Evan was having a seizure.
After hours of staying in the hospital and a CAT scan claiming there to be no tumor, they realized he was still not communicating with them in any way possible.  After hours of waiting, Evan finally awakens. He then, has a somewhat of a mini seizure and snaps out of it. When the doctors try to get responses out of him, they flash a light in his eyes and he screams the word ""Mama." It is then that the doctors test Evan for meningitis. This test comes back negative and the neurologist decides to pass everything over as a ferbile seizure. This is the end of chapter one with the last paragraph stating "Walking into our house was bittersweet. I was happy to be there but also sickened by the memory of the events that had taken place under this roof the day before. I wish I could say that this was the end and the seizure happened to be a fluke. But in fact this was only the beginning." (Jenny McCarthy Page 9, Louder Than Words, Chapter 1.) 

"....This was only the beginning."

It's not just the beginning, it's the beginning of a new life and a new future than imagined.



Thursday, February 10, 2011

Autism and Music

Hello Everyone,

So, as most of you know, I am absolutely in love with music. All the time I am looking for new songs and artists to listen to. Well, recently I found a website of just songs that have to do with Autism. Here are a couple of them:

EDIT: I know that some videos don't work. I promise I'll try to fix them!

This song is called "On That Day". It is by Jayne Nelsen.

This song is called "Missing Pieces". It is by Mark Leland. If you want to skip the talking, skip to the time 1:20.

Most people have probably heard this song, It's called "I Am Here". It is a song written by someone with Autism.

So, this isn't a song. This is a Documentry by Autism Speaks. I will warn you, it's 7 1/2  minutes long. If you want to know what it's like to live with someone with autism though, watch it. It's not only interesting but, even though it's from a parent's point of view, I can relate to it by seeing what my parents have to go through and things that I have witnessed Billy doing.

And just for memories, Solitary Shell by Dream Theater.


And my favorite song! "All He Has To Say". This song is by Aika Hirahara.

I got all of this from YouTube or http://www.autismlyrics.com/. Well, all the videos except the one that I made:)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Changes Made To Blog

Hello All!

Before you think you are going crazy thinking about this, yes I did change my blog. Your eyes are not decieving you. Here is a walkthrough of my blog and the new changes I have made.

As you can see, I've changed the color. I changed it to cooling, soothing colors due to the freezing weather we are having in New England. Great Isn't it? Nope.

Underneath that is a welcome message to any new readers.

To the right in order I have:

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About Me- My poem called "Billy".

My Poll: Okay, this is something new that I've decided to put on here to keep you all entertained. Every eek or so a new poll will be put up. A New post or no new post a new poll will always be up. Usually having to do with the page. This week, my poll is about my music which I will be talking about in a minute and another poll about the new changes made to the page. Please vote. It will help a lot.

My Followers: I would like to explain how this works to those of you who cannot figure it out. Alright these are the step-by-step instructions.

1.) Click Follow
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If you need more help please let me know. If you do not have nay of these accounts, please follow through Facebook. If you would like me to send you a wallpost or Facebook e-mail about when I update my blog, let me know. I will be mroe than happy to accominate this.

Blog Archive: This just is a Table Of Contents for my blog in case you want to look back at older posts.

If you scroll all the way down, you will see Popular Posts. This is self-explaainatory. It lists the most popular posts.

Then I put in something fun that I found at school. It's named (on my particular blog) Billy's Fish Aquarium. You can feed the fish and make them move by putting your crusor (arrow, mouse) on the light blue and click if you do this multipule times, the fish will come over and eat! It's somethign to do if you're lookinf for something weird or somewhat entertaining to do.

Now, I would like to explain more about my polls. I am currently getting ready to take guitar lessons. I'm very excited about this and am hoping to be able to make my poems into songs. I'm thinking about using this with my blog too! Billy loves music, as do I, and I'm hoping this can add more of a charm to this blog to make it more entertaining. I am goinng to post the song lyrics to the songs in my polls after this. Choose your favorite and vote. It may be one that I'll post on here with me playing it on guitar for you. Voting ends on 2/6/11 at 7:54 PM. The other poll is about navigating on my page. Choose on of the following: Easy, Hard, It's Alright, I want the old layout back, I just wanted to click this to see what would happen.

Thank you for reading this post and I hope you enjoy the new layout. Please vote for these to your right of the screen. Thank you.


It's all these missing
Puzzle pieces
Making me stay up late
Just reminiscing
Oh how my life
Has changed so greatly
What it would've been life
If you were different
If you learned to talk on time
If you could just walk away
If nothing would decline
And everything was okay
There's nothing wrong
With being different
Every once and awhile
Although yours is different
You don't just come and talk
Like the average child
Being pushed and shoved around
Every once and a while
Learning is an expierence for us all
Maybe one day we will sit back and be able to
Just reminise
About how it would be different
If you could walk or talk
If in a crowded room you never cried
Where would we be without you here?
We would suddenly decline
Without you in our air
Before you stepped in
Everything was different
And just so you know
I wouldn't change that
For the world.

You're just a little boy
Keeping to yourself
Looking at the world
This world is your playground
You can run and hide
Talk when you want
And maybe even cry
Sometimes these things aren't right
They don't happen on time
You have something wrong
That's not right
No matter what
You're still Billy
A cute little boy
Only four years old
Already your 1/110
With a big bright future
And a big, big world
You'll blow us all away
So come on boy,
Stand up straight
Chase this disease away
Billy is a boy
Acting like he's two
Problem is he's four
Some people would think
He's just another thing to roll your eyes at but,
Honey that's just not the case
He might be a little behind
Chances are though,
He's smarter than you
Finishing puzzles in minutes
Running like the speed of like
Is everything at makes him Billy
With one voice, one heart and a lot of love
He will get far
No matter what
He'sstill Billy
A cute little boy
Only four years old
Already he's 1/110
With a big bright future
And a big, big world
He'll blow us all away
So come on boy,
Stand up straight
Chase this disease away.

This story starts
You and me
Lots of Laughter
But, Honestly
Something wasn't right
You put up a fight
Getting you to look at me
you couldn't do it
With somethign holding you back
What could it be?
We didn't know
It's somehting drastic for sure
Then we knew
You're different from the rest
Staring off into space
Going into a world of Sanity
It doesn't matter
You're still Billy
Just unique
Oh with that smile of yours
And those two front teeth
With the humor and laughter
You're going to be unique.
Ever so easily
You'll get upset
Have to leave for awhile
Then come back
Like nothig happened
You'll be sane
Until you break out
Into stress again
In you're own little world
You're unique
And full of your own
But, before you break about again
I need to tell you
Ever so easily
You're unique.

I know that some of these are REALLY bad! If I end up editing them, which I probably will, I'll let you know and let you vote again. Thank you for reading! Remember to vote!