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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Billy's Daily Outlook: My Little Helper

"Hey Brianna, why don't you make some cookies?"
"Sure" I say looking at Billy. "Billy want to make some cookies?"
"Yes cookies yes!" He says and runs to the kitchen table.
 This is calling for a disaster. Now let me tell you how this usually turns out. I cook the cookies and Billy eats all of them then jumps up and down on the table and in circles. When he helps me though, he likes to play taste tester. I took the cookie dough and gave him 4 to put on the cookie sheet. He likes to line things up so, he did pretty good at it. Next we came down to two pieces of cookie dough left.

"Hey little helper, want some cookie dough?" I asked him.

Then he takes it from my hand and eats it. As I'm cleaning everything up, he decides to lick it and put it on the cookie sheet.

"Billy." I laughed "What are you doing?"
"Cookies!" He said pointing to them.
"You're supposed to eat that piece Billy." I laughed
"Billy's cookie!" He said smiling and pointing to it on the cookie sheet.

Laughing, I put it in a corner where he could get it when they were finished and when they were,  my little helper ate almost all of them. He ate the one in the corner first though of course. He loves his sweets almost as much as my cell phone. He likes to go around with it and stare at people through the video camera. It's very creepy but, also sometimes interesting. He used to go around the house just taking random videos and in a recent one, you can hear someone say "billy" very quietly. There's only one problem though; he was alone. If you like or believe in that kind of ghostly stuff it's pretty funny and kinda scary to hear. Very weird to listen to. As my little helper makes these videos, he also likes to reorganize all the applications on my IPhone. It's so much fun to try to find all my applications again after he moves them around. It's also a mystery as to why he does it though. I think it's because of his very good memory. It's probably his way from quickly getting to everything before I take it way from him for the 5th time in a day. Anyways, this was my little helpers day and adventures. So, as I end this I'll keep you thinking like I always do, what will he do next?

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