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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day 9: When Will He Break Out Of His Solitary Shell?

Hello everyone!!!

Before I get started I would like to say that I hope everyone had a great holiday break. While you are reading this post, I suggest that you listen to this song at the link below. It is called Solitary Shell by Dream Theater and is an absolutely amazing song about Autism. If you cannot concentrate while reading the post and listening to it then please do so before or after reading. This really is an amazing song that describes Autism greatly.


My favorite part of this song is:

"He learned to walk and talk on time
But never cared much to be held
And steadily he would decline
Into his solitary shell"
What's yours?

So, Billy's Tic's are back again. What does that mean? He has strep again! And what does that mean? Most likely I do too! It's great really....I love being sick on my vacation away from school.... :(

Billy is very cute when he is sick though. He says/does the weirdest things. Earlier today we got him dressed for the day. Well, he went down the hallway into his new bedroom (news about that after) and when he came back....his pull up and pants were off and he was laughing. Why he does this? I don't know but, it's really funny for right now.

"Blana Wake Up!"
Yesterday, the house was rearranged. Billy and Madelyn used to share a room so that I could have my own room. Now, I am living in the playroom in the basement, Billy is in my old room and Madelyn is in the same room she was always in. Well, Billy was very upset when we started to clean up his toys yesterday. As we moved the couches we somehow touched his car mat and he flipped! Billy had tears running down his face because he wanted his toys downstairs. He wanted this so bad that he came up to me and say "Blana go home!" Too bad I was already home. So I laughed and said "Billy I am home!" He then gave me a very evil look and said "Blana get out! Blana no home! No Blana home!"

It's official...I've been kicked out of my own house by my 5 year-old Autistic Baby Brother. Now, that's something to be proud of! 

Billy's really liking the new arrangements now though. He likes to wake me up. I went to sleep at 4 in the morning on Sunday night and Billy decided to wake me up at 8. So how does he wake me up you ask? Well, I felt something really hard hit my head and touch my eyes so I wake up and what do I see? Billy opening my eye lids and the Nintendo DS next to me along with a little boy using his little puppy eyes asking "Blana play Spider-Man game?". How do you say no to that? So he gets up on my bed and plays Spider-Man with Blana.

His new favorite game is also to come into my room and shut off my television if he doesn't like the channel.
It's almost like he's trying to angry. He knows whats he's doing of course because he's not stupid so, he runs away laughing thinking it's the funniest thing ever. Classic Billy move.

Billy's Christmas was very good though. He got a scooter and loved it!  He likes to try to ride it down the stairs to see if he can make it. He still hasn't been able to succeed with getting within a foot of the stairs on the scooter. Since he knows he won't be able to go down the stairs on the scooter now, he tries riding it off the kitchen table chairs. Once that wasn't gonna happen, he decides to ride them one my parents bed. This boy just won't give up!

Pillow Pet
For Christmas I got a Bumble Bee Pillow Pet. Billy really likes it. Apparently, he's seen the commercial for them a few too many times though. As I write this he is looking in my mirror with the bumble bee as a pillow saying "It's a pillow," then folding it "It's a pet," Now unfolding it "It's a Pillow Pet!" Over and over again. Very, very cute.

Until Next Time,


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  1. change can be hard for any of us, But I'm sure for Billy it must be a total disrupt to his world hopefully the adjust won't take long kicking you out of the house would never happen he'd miss you too much . Enjoy your new room you deserve it. Hey I want a bumble bee pillow pet too! Absolutely love that song.