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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Changes Made To Blog

Hello All!

Before you think you are going crazy thinking about this, yes I did change my blog. Your eyes are not decieving you. Here is a walkthrough of my blog and the new changes I have made.

As you can see, I've changed the color. I changed it to cooling, soothing colors due to the freezing weather we are having in New England. Great Isn't it? Nope.

Underneath that is a welcome message to any new readers.

To the right in order I have:

People Who Care View Counter: 1,640.....amazing. Keep spreading the website and let's get to 2,000!

About Me- My poem called "Billy".

My Poll: Okay, this is something new that I've decided to put on here to keep you all entertained. Every eek or so a new poll will be put up. A New post or no new post a new poll will always be up. Usually having to do with the page. This week, my poll is about my music which I will be talking about in a minute and another poll about the new changes made to the page. Please vote. It will help a lot.

My Followers: I would like to explain how this works to those of you who cannot figure it out. Alright these are the step-by-step instructions.

1.) Click Follow
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3.) Sign in if not already.
4.) Enjoy the posts.

If you need more help please let me know. If you do not have nay of these accounts, please follow through Facebook. If you would like me to send you a wallpost or Facebook e-mail about when I update my blog, let me know. I will be mroe than happy to accominate this.

Blog Archive: This just is a Table Of Contents for my blog in case you want to look back at older posts.

If you scroll all the way down, you will see Popular Posts. This is self-explaainatory. It lists the most popular posts.

Then I put in something fun that I found at school. It's named (on my particular blog) Billy's Fish Aquarium. You can feed the fish and make them move by putting your crusor (arrow, mouse) on the light blue and click if you do this multipule times, the fish will come over and eat! It's somethign to do if you're lookinf for something weird or somewhat entertaining to do.

Now, I would like to explain more about my polls. I am currently getting ready to take guitar lessons. I'm very excited about this and am hoping to be able to make my poems into songs. I'm thinking about using this with my blog too! Billy loves music, as do I, and I'm hoping this can add more of a charm to this blog to make it more entertaining. I am goinng to post the song lyrics to the songs in my polls after this. Choose your favorite and vote. It may be one that I'll post on here with me playing it on guitar for you. Voting ends on 2/6/11 at 7:54 PM. The other poll is about navigating on my page. Choose on of the following: Easy, Hard, It's Alright, I want the old layout back, I just wanted to click this to see what would happen.

Thank you for reading this post and I hope you enjoy the new layout. Please vote for these to your right of the screen. Thank you.


It's all these missing
Puzzle pieces
Making me stay up late
Just reminiscing
Oh how my life
Has changed so greatly
What it would've been life
If you were different
If you learned to talk on time
If you could just walk away
If nothing would decline
And everything was okay
There's nothing wrong
With being different
Every once and awhile
Although yours is different
You don't just come and talk
Like the average child
Being pushed and shoved around
Every once and a while
Learning is an expierence for us all
Maybe one day we will sit back and be able to
Just reminise
About how it would be different
If you could walk or talk
If in a crowded room you never cried
Where would we be without you here?
We would suddenly decline
Without you in our air
Before you stepped in
Everything was different
And just so you know
I wouldn't change that
For the world.

You're just a little boy
Keeping to yourself
Looking at the world
This world is your playground
You can run and hide
Talk when you want
And maybe even cry
Sometimes these things aren't right
They don't happen on time
You have something wrong
That's not right
No matter what
You're still Billy
A cute little boy
Only four years old
Already your 1/110
With a big bright future
And a big, big world
You'll blow us all away
So come on boy,
Stand up straight
Chase this disease away
Billy is a boy
Acting like he's two
Problem is he's four
Some people would think
He's just another thing to roll your eyes at but,
Honey that's just not the case
He might be a little behind
Chances are though,
He's smarter than you
Finishing puzzles in minutes
Running like the speed of like
Is everything at makes him Billy
With one voice, one heart and a lot of love
He will get far
No matter what
He'sstill Billy
A cute little boy
Only four years old
Already he's 1/110
With a big bright future
And a big, big world
He'll blow us all away
So come on boy,
Stand up straight
Chase this disease away.

This story starts
You and me
Lots of Laughter
But, Honestly
Something wasn't right
You put up a fight
Getting you to look at me
you couldn't do it
With somethign holding you back
What could it be?
We didn't know
It's somehting drastic for sure
Then we knew
You're different from the rest
Staring off into space
Going into a world of Sanity
It doesn't matter
You're still Billy
Just unique
Oh with that smile of yours
And those two front teeth
With the humor and laughter
You're going to be unique.
Ever so easily
You'll get upset
Have to leave for awhile
Then come back
Like nothig happened
You'll be sane
Until you break out
Into stress again
In you're own little world
You're unique
And full of your own
But, before you break about again
I need to tell you
Ever so easily
You're unique.

I know that some of these are REALLY bad! If I end up editing them, which I probably will, I'll let you know and let you vote again. Thank you for reading! Remember to vote!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Finallyyyyyyyyy!!!! A NEW POST!

Hello Everyone!!

Finally, I have a new post!

I know that it's been a little over a month since I have last updated my blog. My reason for this is because of school. I've been very stressed out lately because of Mid-Terms and trying to pass them. Right now, school isn't going over so well for me and I'm trying to just make it through the day. Fortunately, Mid-Terms have been getting pushed back because of the snow. So, If you don't hear from me for a little while, it's probably because of school. I'm sorry about that. School has been very hard on me this year....for once school has been hard for me. This doesn't happen very often.

Before I go on, I would like to say that I finally got my Joan Jett shirt I have been wanting for a little while now. If you do not know who Joan Jett is....listen to her music NOW! It is pretty awesome if you like music not from this era. She also made the first all girl 70s Rock and Roll band The Runaways. This included some really great artists like Lita Ford (Lead Guitarist) , Cherie Currie (Lead Vocalist), Sandy West (Drummer), Jakie Fox (Bass) and of course, Joan Jett (Rhythm Guitarist). They made the famous song that most people probably know, Cherry Bomb. Kim Fowley, the same guy who also produced bands like KISS, was their producer. After they broke up, they all went their separate ways. Joan Jett went into a solo career then later became Joan Jett & The Blackhearts. They made some famous hits like I Love Rock&Roll, I Love Playing With Fire, Crimson And Clover, Do You Wanna Touch, Bad Reputation and Love Is Pain. These are also some of my favorites by her. Til this day, she still tours with the Blackhearts and works with Blackheart Records. Yes, I really know my music history because I am such a big music lover. Joan Jett is pretty amazing though when you find out more about her because she has done some pretty amazing things to get to where she is today. There is also a movie out now called "The Runaways" which is about how they got started and ended. It really is a fantastic movie if you are a fan of them. The movie and actor portrayal is incredible with Kristen Stewart (my favorite actress) as Joan Jett and Dakota Fanning as Cherrie Currie, it's an amazing movie. I highly recommend it to Joan Jett/The Runaways fans.  Now that I'm boring you all half to death with my music history talk which I could talk about all day but wont, you guys are lucky trust me, I am going to update about Billy.

Billy has a new little crush on my friend Katie! He likes Katie!

Billy do you want to see Kylie?
"No Kylie!"
Billy, do you want to see Miranda?
"No Miranda!"
Billy, do you want to see Katie?

"Yes Katie! Like Katie, like Katie!"

Billy has been playing with his Mobi-Go which is like an Nintendo DX or DSi. If you don't know what it is or care to read about it, Click Here.

Lately, Billy has been having a lot of temper tantrums. The other day after school, he wanted to go out. So, we brought him to McDonald's. Billy didn't want to go to McDonald's though, he wanted to go to Hannafords. So, we said McDonald's first then Hannafords. When we brought him inside he just cried and cried. He did not stop. The only time he did was for 5 minutes to eat a little bit then he ran towards the door to leave. What child wants to go to the Grocery Store instead of McDonald's?

It was even better once we got there. When we got in the store he pushed the cart and knew exactly where to go. First, the fruit snack gummy aisle. We probably have every fruit gummy there is in our cabinet. Second, the frozen foods aisle for Dinosaur Chicken Nuggets. We already had some at the house but, Billy would not leave without his Dinosaur Chicken Nuggets.  So, when you see a 35 year old coming out of the grocery store in 30 years with only bags of Dinosaur Chicken Nuggets and boxes of Fruit Gummies....it's Billy!

Things have been pretty boring around here due to the massive snow storms we have been getting. They almost cover my bedroom window. By next week it probably will be covered because of the next storm on Wednesday. Billy has been having fun in the snow. He likes to sit in it then sink into the snow. Ha ha. The snow is so tall now that he will probably be covered by it fully by Thursday. In the last snow storm we went sledding and billy loved it. He likes to go down the hill in our front yard. Lucky for him on Monday we had no school, Tuesday we had no school, Wednesday we had a delay, Thursday we had school, Friday we had no school and tomorrow we may not have school. Then, Wednesday we are not going to have school and Thursday we could have a delay or no school. My mom is loving this!!!! NOT! As of right now I like it but, once summer comes, I'm going to hate it....Oh well, that's New England!

Anyways, I should probably go now and I would like to say thank you to those of you who are still reading this after my long break away. My next post may be a video because I made something for my blog. It's not finished yet but, it's almost done. There may be a special appearance from Billy too! You're going to have to wait in see though! So now, I'm going to leave you with a few questions about things in my blog.

1. Have you ever listened to Joan Jett/The Runaways/Joan Jett & The Blackhearts?
2. If so, what's your favorite song?
3. Do you have any band suggestions that you think I would like. I like any type of rock music from the 60s to the late 90s early 2000's.
4. To those of you in the New England area, are you sick of the snow yet?
5. What do you think the drawing is? No one knows what it is so guess away!

If you would like to answer these you can either in the comments section under this post or on the Facebook Link that you got the link to my blog from. If I'm Facebook friends with you (Family Members or Friends) I usually know when you post the link to my blog and I check it to see any questions or comments you may have about my blogging. If you have any Question or Comments please post them on here or Facebook. Thanks!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day 10: Skype With Langstance


Hello Everyone,


Recently, we got Skype for our computer. This weekend Billy and I have been using it to talk to our friend Lainee who lives a few towns over. We very rarely see her though because she goes to a different school than me. We have been friends for 9 years now and she has known Billy since he was born. Since Billy's diagnosis, they ( they being Lainee and her mom)  have noticed more differences in billy than we probably have. Whenever they come over, they always see something new in him. It's even better now that we are using Skype. Billy likes using it and hitting the computer screen. =/


R.I.P Christmas Vacation

Christmas vacation will officially be over in 6 hours. :(

I do not want to go back to school. I want to stay home and play with Billy in the snow. By the way, I'm failing English....anyone understand this? I do. My teacher is a big, fat, mean jerk. Just saying...

I also have two projects to do this vacation. Have I started them? Yes. Have I finished them? No. Will I finished them by midnight before the due date? Probably not. Will I finish them in school that day? Yes! Procrastinator? No. Smart about how to spend vacation? YES!

Autism How To Page

Today while I was looking at things to post today, I saw a E-How page about living with someone with autism. While reading this, I realized it would be perfect to put in my blog and would probably give me more ideas on what to write about. Here is the list that was put on the website and my input on things.

This font- website
This font- me

1.)Be sure to constantly address the stress that can occur when caring for an autistic individual by sharing responsibility and giving everyone in the household time for themselves.
---- I think that I have definitely been writing about this. I write all the time about how difficult it is.

2.) Utilize resources to help you with the care of an autistic individual.
---- Billy just so happens to go to Occupational Therapy. This is also known as OT. They help Billy with his Fine Motor Skills.

3.)Pay constant attention to safety in the home when you are caring for someone with autism.
---- This is something that we have to pay attention to all the time. When Billy was younger he used to try to run out the front door. One day, he did. We chased him up the street adn thankfully, the car driver saw him and stopped. Now, Billy doesn't do it anymore because we have 2 locks on the front door, 3 locks on the back door, an alarm on the front door and an alarm on the back door. I guess you could say we are on lock down. Billy also likes to try to rip the window screen by bashing his head through it. We now keep the windows locked at all times.

4.)Address the concerns of the siblings of the autistic person. Brothers and sisters of autistic children can feel embarrassed and frustrated at having to answer questions about their autistic siblings. They can also feel forgotten and neglected by parents who have to devote a great deal of time to the care of the autistic child.

----Okay, I have had the feelings of this but, you do if you have siblings anyways. It doesn't just happen if you have a sibling with special needs. I NEVER  feel embarssed about Billy. Yes, there are times where I am frustrated by him like, when he messes up my room after I clean it, when I have friends over and he randomly comes downstairs naked or when we are in public and he starts freaking out. NEVER would I be embaressed by him though. 

5.) Plan for the future of the autistic child.

----We already know this answer. Billy will be living in the basement with his kids who my parents will have to take care of, his wife and coffection of Matchbox cars that cannot be touched out of line or else he will scream.  I'm just kidding. Who knows where Billy will be in the future.

Below is the link to the article I got the information from.

Click Here for the link




Until Next Time,