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Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Day In The Life Of Me

 "Mom! Billy's in the toilet."
"What do you mean he's in the toilet?"
"I mean he's standing in the toilet."
"What do you mean he's standing in the toilet?"
"I mean his feet are in the toilet and he's laughing!"

     Okay that one made me laugh until I had to take him out and he started splashing the toilet water at me and threw his toilet water covered socks in my face. That was fun. : P Then this happened:

   So, Billy was playing with his cars, the toilet water wasn't enough, and he decides to do this bright idea. Whenever he wants something he whispers and slowly goes toward it. When he wants my phone he slowly walks toward it with baby steps and then snatches it and runs whispering "Billy's phone!" But, Billy decided to get his cars and slowly walk towards the slightly ajar bathroom door whispering "Cars....cars....cars...." Now, I didn't hear him. If my Mom didn't see him though and he didn't run away laughing, our toilet would be over flowing with race cars right now.
     Billy likes many things mostly to make people laugh. His laugh is something I could pick out anywhere. Then he does what I call his "girlish shriek". Lately Billy likes my younger sister, Madelyn, to copy him. He does this very weird dance that's similar to the chicken dance and we have no clue where it came from! It's very funny to watch though. He always ends up cracking up laughing.
    Right now he has something called a Tic or Stim that makes it seem like he can't breathe when he really can. Autistic kids can get it from strep throat and it can stay as long as months. Some kids wave their hands, some kids yell and some kids will seem like they have trouble breathing. They're really okay and it's nothing to worry about to very, very scary to watch. It's been very emotional to see Billy with this Tic for me because I think of him as my best friend. I worry about him all the time. I have to get it through my head that he will be okay and things will turn out fine in the end but, as of right now, it will take a lot for me to understand that. Especially when people can't keep their mouths shut and comment or give dirty looks about it in public.
      A few days ago, we took Billy to McDonald's. There were this group of people around us and they were all giving dirty looks every time he did this Tic. Every time someone looked over or whispered while looking at my brother, I would give them a dirty look back when I was really trying not to cry because people looked at him differently when in reality, he can't help himself.  I hope that after every post (Mostly this one) you will stop to think about if you have ever laughed at someone with a disability when you didn't even know. Where they doing something like flapping their hands or even having a tantrum? Did you laugh? Now read back at my rant. Do you think the people with that child felt this way?



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  1. I agree, Brianna- It makes me so mad sometimes when I take Ethan out, and we get dirty looks because he is acting out. Unfortunately, people take their children's health for granted and are completely ignorant of others. You just have to ignore them and be strong for your brother.

    Another great job- I look forward to reading every one of your writings.

    Uncle Nick