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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day 4: Some Of A Day In My Shoes

 Hello Everyone! Such a crazy week with make-up work from school. I thought I would like to share something with you all.

This is a little bit of a passage from the book I'm writing about how crazy life can be living with an Autistic brother. Enjoy!

                    I would like everyone to think for a moment at how crazy their life is. I would like you all to think about things you do on a daily basis. Now, think about what it's like to add someone with Autism into the loop. Crazy huh? This is how my dad usually goes. I wake up at 6:30 to get ready for school and I come out of my room and peak around the corner into the living room. My brother is out there playing with cars, CChristmas tree ornaments and city houses. (The ones you put out around Christmas time.) He looks up at me and smiles wearing the shirt he wore before and a pull up. Classic Billy outfit. His blond hair is also messy at the top and his blue eyes are sparkling.

I smile back and say "Billy, what are you doing you silly goose?"

"I put away! Billy put away!" He runs away laughing and running to the couch.

Slowly walking over to him, I eye him and he does back. As I do this he is starting to pick up his toys and put them away like every morning. He then turns around and laughs his awesome laugh as I tickle him. I then walk away to brush my teeth. As I'm brushing my teeth, I see him in the living room again. This time Billy is sitting on the couch looking at the one across from him. I wonder what he is doing and walk over.

"Billy," I say "what are you doing cutie pie?"

No answer.

"Billy?" I ask again sitting down next to him, toothbrush in hand. "What are you doing?"

Only then does he talk again and whisper the word "Blana go school. I go Big Bird table with Cindy."

Smiling, I nod. "Yes Billy, Big Bird table with Cindy."

"I play Blana's phone?" He whispers again looking at the IPhone in my front right pocket.

"No phone." I laugh.

"Billy's phone!" He complains
“No Billy, Brianna’s phone. Brianna needs her phone for school.” I say “Do you want to watch Bob The Builder?”

“Bob the Builder Yes!” He says and runs over to his spot on the love seat and yawns. I sit down next to him and see my mom wake up and say good morning.  We put on our TV show as I wait for 7:30 to come and my Uncle to come home so that I can leave for school.

As I'm leaving Billy is watching me from the top of the stairs. He smiles and I do back.

"Huggie Billy?" I asked him.

He runs down the stairs, one step at a time, and I get eye to eye with him.

"Huggie awwww." He goes and gives me a kiss.

"Love you Billy." I say as I leave.

"Love you Blana Bye!" He says doing an awkward backwards wave and slamming the door shut. As this happens I laugh.

I then go through six torturing hours of High School. The days that most people say are the best 4 years of your life are the worst days ever to me. They always go on and on and on. They are non-stopping it seems like. On the plus side, I get to see my friends. I really just want to go home and play with Billy though.  Finally, at 2:42pm, that last bell rings and I get to go meet my Mom outside to see little Billy. Putting my things in the front passenger seat of the car, he's looking around outside the window.

"Billy!" I cheer.

He looks at me then back out the window. Confused, I get in the car.

"How was school?" My mom asks me.

"Same as always." I say "I went, I learned, I left."

I look behind my seat to Billy as he's sitting there blocking his eyes.

"What is he doing, Mom?" I ask still looking at him intently.

"He doesn't want to go home." She says.

We get tot he main street and go to a set of lights as we drive to the bus stop to pick up my sister. Billy's eyes are still covered and he is now screaming and crying. "Maddy no! No Maddy! No home!"

"Yes go home." My mom says.

"No, No go home!" Billy cries louder and starts to kick the drivers seat as we sit at the top of the street at the bus stop.

"Wait for Maddy and then go home." Mom says.

"No go home! No go home! No Maddy!" Billy cries. "Date, date, date! I want date!"

I sit there and frown as he cries. There's nothing you can do. He will keep crying until you leave to not go home and even then, once you leave to go home again this will start all over. Ten minutes later, Billy is still crying and Maddy's bus is here. My mom steps out of the car to get her and Billy cries "No Maddy! No go home!"

"Billy...." I say holding his hand. "Yes, go home."

"No go home!" He screams red faced.

"Billy, yes." I say.

My sister comes in the backseat and buckles up. My mom gets back in the car and does the same then we go home.

"Brianna, I'm going to need your help." She says.

"Okay Mom." I sigh and pick up my bags as I'm getting ready to open my door. I also open my sisters once I get out of the car and wait for my mom. I can hear Billy's cries and I open the front door for her. Maddy runs in the house, as it is freezing outside, and my mom is dragging Billy in the house. His cries get louder in the house as he sits on the stairs and cries. I put my book bag and books in my room and come back out into the living room. Billy is now on the couch looking out the window saying "Go bye-byes, go bye-byes."

"Billy do you want juice?" I ask.

"No juice! No juice!" He screams.

"Okay, Okay!" I say backing away with my hands in the air.

Billy then walks over at me wiping away tears. "Water, water!"

"I want water what?" I ask.

"I want water please?" Billy says.

"I want water please what?" I ask again laughing.

"I want water please Blana!" He yells.

Sighing, I give him water as my mom looks at his school work. My sister then turns on the TV and something Billy doesn't like is on. He screams, drops his water, covers his ears and runs down the hall.

"Maddy shut the TV off!" I yell.

"I am!" She yells back.

"Billy, it's okay Little Man." I say.

Maddy turns the TV channel to something like the news and she leaves. Billy then comes into the living room again, takes his water and plays with his toy cars. He then wants dinosaur chicken nuggets so I put some on a plate for him and cook them in the microwave. He watches them cook and plays with his cars at the same time. When they're done I take them out and put them on the table. Before he gets to the table, I block him.

"Say roarr Billy! Dinosaurs say roar!" I say putting my hands up.

"Roar!" He says obviously aggravated and hungry. Never mess with Billy when there is food involved. He may eat you.

This is just a little taste at my life but, there is A LOT more to it. Life with Billy is always crazy and probably always will be but, there are a lot of adventures, a lot of fun and a lot of memories to come.


  1. Wow that is like living our lives everyday, except you forgot the detail that when I am getting him in the house I am usually dragging him by his coat while he is screaming and laughing yelling "no go home" LOL another great job Brianna

  2. You have become my favorite part of my day, I was getting anxious waiting for you to post today's blog. Thank god you did I was having major withdrawals. In Day 2 "I know what you're going through." you stated and I quote
    "But, unless you are going through the exact same thing, the truth is, you have no clue"
    You are so right. BUT...this blog opens a window that we the reader allows us see in and share your laughter,smiles,frustration,anger your expressive writing is incredible. I'm one of your top biggest fans love ya cuz

  3. You've described so well; I felt as though I was there with you guys. Billy is a wonderful boy. Thank you for sharing your story, Briana!