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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day 6: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Before I start I would like to say something...is there a such thing as a male cat being  pregnant? I think my cat may be the first! haha.
 The Good

"Billy, stop eating your sleeves!"
"Billy, the dog is not a horse! The cat isn't either!" 
"Chicken Dance! Chicken Dance! Chicken Dance!"
One of the up sides to living with someone with Autism is that you never know what they'll do. For Billy, something small can turn into something big, Something boring can turn into something exciting and something that we never knew about could become something we use on a daily basis. For each of these qoutes I just listed there's one crazy story.

"Billy, stop eating your sleeves!"This is a brand new one that acctually just happened today. I walked out into the living room from my bedroom and Billy was sitting on the stairs with half of his shirt sleeve in his mouth. Of course, he also looked like he was wearing a toga or, in other words, he looked like Tarzan. So, I walk over to him and say "Billy, stop eating your sleeves!" What does he do? He keeps eating them and eating them and eating them. Of course, he now has saliva all over his sleeves. Great...

"Billy, the dog is not a horse! The cat isn't either!" Billy likes animals. He thinks that some animals are not really what they are though. For example, Billy thinks that a dog is a horse. He also thinks that a cat is a horse. Now for those of you who don't know, our cat is a snob and thinks he's so cool. Our dog on the other hand thinks she's fifty percent dog, thirty percent cat and twenty percent human. So, when Billy thinks he's cool, he tries to ride the dog saying "Horse! Horse! Ride the horse!" After he can't ride 'the horse' he moves onto the cat. The cat now runs whenever Billy comes near him. Although, he does that to me too...

"Chicken dance!" "Chicken dance" "Chicken dance!" Billy now has a new obsession with the old dance, The Chicken Dance. Everyone knows the tune to this dance...."da da da da da da da da da dadadadadada da da da da da da dadada" Well, Billy has a new version of the chicken dance where he rubs his tummy and wiggles his butt. It's really cute. Another new one is Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes. Instead of eyes and ears and mouth and nose he goes eyes and ears and mouth and tummy.

The Bad
"Billy don't rearrange my books!"
"Billy don't put your butt in the window!"

"Billy don't rearrange my books!"Billy has this game he likes to play when after I arrange my books by genre, shape,size,color, title and author he messes them all up again so that I can't find anything. He just thinks it's so funny. It's not. It's really not after you spend 2 hours arranging books...

"Billy don't put your butt in the window!" What's sad is that I acctually have to put this down. Billy likes to walk around the house with no diaper on. What makes this better is when he decides to go and stand in our front window. Need I say more?
The Ugly"Billy don't throw your diaper on the fan!"

"I farted!"

"Billy don't throw your diaper on the fan!"
Now, we get to the ugly. When Billy needs a diaper changing we know. How do we know this? Because he throws his diaper on the fan to see if it will stay up there while the fan is on. Another good spot is either on top of the fridge or in the sink. It's even better when he throws is in my face because he gets mad at me. That's great. It's really, really great...

"I farted!"
This one just happened not even a few minutes ago! Billy was climbing onto my parents bed and he farts. Then he gets a big smile and goes "I farted!" And bursts out laughing. Only he would think this is as funny as throwing his dirty diapers at my face.


  1. The thing that is so cool about Brianna's writing is that she sees Billy laughung about farting as funny...we see it as amazing because it shows body awareness. Although it is kind fo funny when he tries to get his diaper on the fan

  2. omg everyone at work was like are you laughing or crying (mind you its a little bit of both)lmao