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Monday, December 13, 2010

Day 3: What's Happening?Book News and Autism Discovery

Hello Readers,
               As Christmas is rapidly approaching, I will be writing in Christmas colors to become a littler more festive. We're now up to 535 "People Who Care". That's a lot for only being up and running for about 2 days. Amazing.  I have all of you to thank for that. Let's make to to over 1,000 by Friday! The countdown begins now!

  Waking up at six o'clock in the morning to go somewhere can be fun depending on where you are going. You could be leaving to go on a trip somewhere, you could be leaving to go to a job that you love or you could be waking up to do something you hate. I wake up at six o'clock in the morning for a place called "My Own Personal Vacation". I get this vacation Monday through Friday for six hours. 
What gets done in this personal vacation you ask? Talking to friends (who seemed very happy to see me in school today), doing unwanted school work in which half I will never use in life and learning four of the biggest lies said in school. Should I share this? Here is what I think the biggest lies are in school:

 ***No, I do not have any gum

***Yes, I have read the story for homework.
***I am not texing! Do not accuse me of texting!
***I did my homework. It's written in invisible ink though. <------ this ones my favorite.

Now, this is something I have noticed while being in High School. High Schoolers of all ages are very, very odd. Just today, I saw 3 people come out of my school in a ninja costume and hide behind everyone waiting outside. Only then did they scream "power rangers go!" and run off. Yes, I'm just as confused as you are. High Schoolers also love snow and Christmas for 3 reasons:Santa, Gingerbread Houses and Waking up at 4a.m. for presents on Christmas morning. 

Book News

My book is coming along well and I am using Billy as a big part in it. After all, it is inspired by him. Maybe this time next year you guys will be reading it at your homes or opening it on Christmas morning. I will be keeping you updated on what is happening with my book as it keeps going.

 Autism DiscoveryA long time ago, I watched a television show called The Doctors because they were talking about Autism. On the show they had Jenny McCarthy, mother of an Autistic boy, come on and talk about how "her son is cured from autism". When I heard this I rolled my eyes but then became more involved in the show. Yes, screaming at the TV did help for those of you wondering. I was upset at the way she explained this. I have many different reasons why I do not agree with her and my opinon does count even though I am young. On the show, Jenny McCarthy was talking about her reasoning on how her son was cured. This was the biggest issue I could fight about. She compared her son's mircle of being cured from Autism by being hit by a bus. "You get hit but, you recover." In other words, her son got autism like a cold. He got it for awhile then it just disappeared. Well, this is my reasoning. If you get hit by a bus will you recover? Really think about this question. If you get hit by a bus when you are just walking down the street, and its going fast towards you, are you going to recover fully? No! You're going to be paralyzed or most likely very, very, extremely hurt or dead. You will always have your scars and they will never go away. She may think her son is cured from Autism and maybe he is, I wouldn't know but, what I do know is, if you get hit by a bus you will not walk away no problem. Just like if you have to live with someone with Autism, you will never have a boring day and you will probably never go a week without a problem.

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