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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Light It Up Blue

Hello everyone!

Long time no talk!

Lately I've been very busy with school and trying to stop being sick. Last week, I had surgery on my sinuses...fun stuff there. I'm not getting any pain on my sinuses other than bloody noses though! There's a good thing. I'm not doing so hot in school right now. A lot going on at the end of Freshman Year. Sorry if some of this doesn't make sense, I don't have my glasses on and I don't feel like getting them. Stupid terrible eyesight.

As some of you may know, this Friday is National Autism Awareness day!!

It is also called Light It Up Blue day. So, wear your blue for little Bugga Boo/Boo Boo Bear/ Billy or someone else who you may know with Autism.

Billy has been very into playing the Wii system lately. He LOVES the skateboarding game. He also found a new way to playing the running games on Wii fit! Instead of actually running in place, you sit on the couch and move the remote. He is too smart!

Also, This is a video of someone who is pretty awesome. This little boy's name is Christopher Duffley. He is adopted, blind and autistic yet, still can do all these amazing things. His sister goes to school with me and we sometimes will discuss things that our different between our siblings. Watch this little boy sing, he's amazing!

Anyways, I should probably finish this stupid science project that is going to fail me for the quarter....fun, fun stuff!!! I'll update again hopefully on Autism Day!

By the way, I have a new blog up that hasn't been started yet. I'll be starting to post to it this week. It's a music blog about everything music of course.  This is the link!


If you would like leave me a name of a song, artist or album and I'll talk about it! Leave comments under this post or on Facebook!

Until next time,


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