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Thursday, March 3, 2011

When I Grow Up...

Because I don't really talk abotu my intrests or anything that much, I decided to start! I mean why not know alittle about the author? Where to start???? How about here:

When I grow up...

I want to be an Astronaut
I want to be a Teacher
I want to be a Vetinartian
I want to be a Cow
I want to be a Rockstar

These are some things that you hear people say when picking High School class courses for the upcoming year. As I type this I am choosing my classes for my Sophomore Year. I have no clue what classes to take! It doesn't help that things keep changing either. Going into high school I decided on 3 things that I promised myself:

                                 1.) I want to go into the Military
                                 2.) I want to be a Military Cardiac Surgeon
                                 3.) This will not change.

Turns out, I broke this promise once I realized I hate school....60 years of schooling for medical school....ehhhh? Not for me.

This year I've developed a HUGE love for music and the entertainment industry. I cannot get enough of it. I absolutely am in love with it. Then I realized, I am really good at writing and I love to write. So, what kind of jobs can you get out of this? When I did my research there were things like Rockstar or Music Producer. When I saw Music Producer I thought that would be very interesting. Then, I came to realize that where will I go in life with a degree like that? So as I scroll down the Google search website what do I decide:

I want to be a Media/Entertainment Journalist.

I then looked this up on wikipedia and came across this:

Music journalism is criticism and reportage about music.


Music and writing all in one. Why not?! That would be fun. Something I'm good at and enjoy doing. Thigns that make a good career style right?

Well, there's one question I have to this....what classes do I take in High School?!

For the past almost 48 hours, I have been looking online for what classes I can take from my schools offerings that will help me in the future when college comes. Have I came across any? NOPE! I can't believe there are not really any classes you can take that will helpy our chances of college and journalism majoring.
So, what classes am I thinking about?

Well, I have to have 22 credits to graduate High School. This year I got 7 credits. Next year, I want 8 credits. So, what classes do I have on my sourse selection list right now?

Full Year Courses (1 credit)
English II- Level 3
Spanish II- Level 2 (Easy A....I think all I've learned this year is Como te llamo and ahola. Everything else I forget!)
Foundations of Art- Level 3
Geometry- Level 3
Biology- Level 3
________________________ <---- I need a class here! I may take Library Science.

Semester Courses (1/2 credit)
Yoga- Level 2
World History Survey- Level 3
Modern European History- Level 3
_____________________________  <------- I need a class right here! What do I take though?!

Some choices I have for my semester courses are Marketing I Lvl 3, Acounting I Lvl 3, Business Law Lvl 2, Career Exploration Lvl 3.

Do I have any clue what to take for semester courses? NO! Will any of these help me in the future? I HAVE NO CLUE!

So, I want you to answer this question for me:
What class should I take as a semester course. Please vote in the poll on the right. These are the classes and descriptions:

                      This course explores marketing practices and
principles for both retail and business-to-business
companies and the consumer buying behavior
that drives them. Students receive an overview
of the importance of marketing to the business
world by analyzing domestic marketing concepts
and international marketing concepts. Students
will apply these concepts to current trends in
the real world through course work, projects,
and by operating their own school store. This
course also introduces students to marketing
careers and sets the stage for further study of
marketing in higher education.

                   Business Law
The focus of this Business Law semester course
will be an overview of contract law. Students
regularly take part in a variety of contracts. This
Business Law class addresses a brief introduction
to the law in general and then with this
foundation, students are ready to consider the
contract. Contract law establishes the ground
rules that ordinary individuals can use to define
their private rights and duties, as well as the
rights and obligations of businesses and other
individuals. Knowledge of business law is useful
for all students, because all students eventually
assume roles as citizens, workers, and consumers
in their communities and in society at large.

                Careers Exploration
   Career Explorations is designed to prepare students

So, what classes should I take to become a Journalist?

Now with college I'm looking at New York University, Northeastern, UMass and UNH. I'd like to go to NYU or Northeastern.

Anyone think these classes would help at all? I can't take extra English classes until next year so, that's out of the loop.

So, I leave you at these questions...

1.) What should I be when I grow up?

2.) What classes should I take next year?

3.) What colleges should I go to?

AND I also wanted to let you know we are almost to 2,000 "People Who Care" and if you type in LivingWithBilly-Brianna on Google or LivingWithBilly Autism, this blog comes up. Got me very excited earlier.

Until next time,




  1. It is hola mi amiga!

  2. Hi Bri! haha I'm very sorry it took so long for me to respond. Maybe if you gave me your email things would be easier. :) Anyways, I forgot ya'll had levels for a minute and I was like "what..?" haha. Well if you want to come to my school, ask for me as a shadow some day! I'll show you around. :) Thank you for all the lovely comments on my blog, I really appreciate it. I'm confused about life after college as well, so you're not alone!

    Well wishes,