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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Louder Than Words

So, who's watching the Grammy's right now? I know I am! May I just say that Bruno Mars and Muse so far have been the best in the show. Let's see if anyone can show them up!

Anyways, I've decided these next posts will be based off of a book. This book is called "Louder Than Words" and it is written by Jenny McCarthy. As many of you know, I hate her. But, this book is very, interesting to read. I remember when Billy was first diagnosed with Autism I tried reading it. I couldn't make it past the fifth chapter without crying. So, now I am going to start reviewing the book. Starting with chapter one tonight and chapter two tomorrow night. Next week I am on February Vacation and hopefully I'll be able to update a lot! I've been trying to update but, school has been getting the best of me! Good news though! I'm NOT failing English. Sorry I just got off topic again...let me know if I do that! Don't let me ramble on about myself! It isn't good!!!!

So, as I was saying, every night I will review this book. It will be reviewed in the following order of every chapter:

• How much I can't stand Jenny McCarty. This probably won't be happening until I get farther into the book.
• Things I disagree with on how things are handled
•My input on how the chapter was written and a short summary on the chapter

So, here we go!

Chapter 1/Introduction/Foreword
"When your child is diagnosed with cancer, neighbors stop by your home bringing precooked meals, hugs and support. When your child is diagnosed with autism, families who see you in the supermarket slip away down another aisle."- Jenny McCarthy Page ix a.k.a Foreword

Sadly, this is true. I have seen this happen and it is upsetting. No matter what people look like on the outside or in, no matter how they act, they should still be accepted this way. With a physical, mental, medical, or choice disorder you shouldn't have to be judges this way where people look at you funny. It's upsetting.

This book was published in 2007. In that time, the autism diagnosis was 1 in 150 children. Today, in Massachusetts, the highest Autism rate, it is every 1 in 91 children are diagnoses with Autism. This is only 3 years later. In the book it states "When I was in medical school, this disorder affected on in ten thousand children." (Jenny McCarthy, Page ix a.k.a Foreword.) That's amazing.

With Autism, there is no cure well, as of right now. You can get treatments to make it somewhat, less severe though. This includes speech and occupational therapy. Children with Autism are different from other children because they don't make eye contact, they don't smile on cue, they don't go up to you and say "Blana I need you to come over here right now and help me." Instead, someone like Billy says, "Blana Help!" And if I don't help him, he screams.

There is a paragraph in this "Foreword" that is titled WHAT CAUSES AUTISM AND WHY IS IT INCREASING?

These are some things my mom and I came up with or things that I did on my own. Some things are just from news or things I've learned from my child development class at school.

1. The vaccinations infants get when they are born. I think that something in one of the vaccinations could be something that an infant is allergic to, and the allergic reaction could somehow affect their brain, the vaccination could've been injected wrong or the vaccination just reacted wrong with the infant.

2. Billy was born with a defect. I think...breathing. This could somehow affected him and put him at a higher risk for Autism.

3. The types of formula or bottles infants use. I think this could also maybe have something to do with an allergic reaction, why not? It just isn't taken as the normal allergic reaction.

4.The environment the child lives/grew up in.

IntroductionJenny McCarthy talks about what it felt like to see her fourth boy, Evan at the age of two at the time, slipped into this world, the world of Autism. She explains that this started happening after he received his first MMR vaccine. She says how Autism is considered a genetic or mental disorder. Jenny's son's doctors, Jerry J. Kartzinel states that "Autism steals the soul of the child." on page  xvi a.k.a the Introduction. I disagree with this GREATLY. If Autism is meant to happen it is for a reason. Although a cure would be fantastic and I would find it amazing, if Billy was never diagnosed with this, I wouldn't be writing this to you, the readers, right now.

Chapter 1
Waking up one morning to an uncomfortable feeling, Jenny McCarthy at the time with no Autism diagnosis on Evan, knew something bad was going to happen. She felt like her soul had the flu but, knew it didn't. As she drinks her morning coffee, she realizes that Evan, her son, is sleeping later than usual and goes upstairs to check on him. This was when her whole world changed. Her son was struggling to breathe. After 14 minutes the EMT's finally arrived and it is discovered that Evan was having a seizure.
After hours of staying in the hospital and a CAT scan claiming there to be no tumor, they realized he was still not communicating with them in any way possible.  After hours of waiting, Evan finally awakens. He then, has a somewhat of a mini seizure and snaps out of it. When the doctors try to get responses out of him, they flash a light in his eyes and he screams the word ""Mama." It is then that the doctors test Evan for meningitis. This test comes back negative and the neurologist decides to pass everything over as a ferbile seizure. This is the end of chapter one with the last paragraph stating "Walking into our house was bittersweet. I was happy to be there but also sickened by the memory of the events that had taken place under this roof the day before. I wish I could say that this was the end and the seizure happened to be a fluke. But in fact this was only the beginning." (Jenny McCarthy Page 9, Louder Than Words, Chapter 1.) 

"....This was only the beginning."

It's not just the beginning, it's the beginning of a new life and a new future than imagined.



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